Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekly Miles 5/31 - 6/6

This was a good week for me starting the taper. I managed 50 miles and 3 solid trail runs. Saturday and Sunday were especially hot, Sunday was almost 95* out so I soaked a good while in Bear Creek after my run to cool off. Gotta love summer :)

Week in full:

Mon- Off 30 minutes on the bike doing errands

Tue- 7M 55:47 (7:58/m avg) feeling tired a bit still, easy run/warm out

Wed- 11M 1:45:50 (9:37/m avg +2100') Summit of Bergen Peak with DTR led by the great Leila. Thanks for emailing me! Felt nice and easy on the climb, took it easy in the dark on the way down. I didn't fall!

Thu- OFF

Fri- 5.5M 48:40 ( 8:51/m avg) Did not feel good, probably could have taken another day off, but I needed to just go and plod for my sanity.

Sat- 14.64M 2:16:24 (9:19/m avg +2000) Great run in the heat, been meaning to do this for a long time. Little Park, Lair o' Bear, O'Fallon, top of Myer's Gulch and a bit further until the trail pittered out. Cruised on the way back, passed innumerable mountain bikes with wide eyes.

Sun- 12M 1:51:00 (9:15/m avg +1900) Similar to Saturday but all of Lair o' Bear's trails, Panorama Point, but only to the Creek in O'Fallon. Dunked my head/visor in the creek at the turnaround which was nice. Soaked in Bear Creek. More mountain bike domination... love it.

I'm feeling pretty good about Sun Mtn right now, just excited to travel with my best friend and see some new country. This week should be similar, took today off, and I'm not out of class! No more school for the summer!


Nick said...

Sorry to read that Sageburner didn't go as planned, but looks like you're back in the saddle. Good luck with the taper and enjoy Sun Mountain - looks like a fun, fast course. I see you're running Barr, hope to see you out there.

trudginalong said...

Thanks Nick, sometimes things don't pan out. No worries. Yeah, I'll see you at Barr, but I better get up Falcon a few more times or I imagine I'll be seeing you sooner than I'd like to ;)