Sunday, June 13, 2010

7 days to Sun Mountain

Felt solid during another taper week, just over 40 miles total with 2 rest days. The extra time was nice and I spent much of it following the build up to the world cup and watching the Finals/WC. All the training is in the bank for Sun Mountain and it's time to just chill and stay sharp, I feel good and my legs have felt fresh with the reduced workload. Today I decided to do some faster stuff than I normally do just to get the lungs working and heart rate up so it was 5K at 10K pace then 2M at 5K pace with a mile recovery in between and a mile cool down.

Full week:

Mon- Off
Tue- 8M (1:02) easy
Wed- Mt Falcon 10.25M v.75 (1:41) easy with DTR group
Thu- 5M (38:49) easy
Fri- Off
Sat- 10.5M (1:57:09) easy up Bergen Peak with Woody. Good to put a face to the name! Thanks for the run. He was getting some laps in for a solid long run and we ended up with nice weather. It was raining hard in town, but it had mostly subsided and we had some solid cooler temps. Was nice to be done with the run at 7:14 am, though Java Groove was closed when I stopped in for coffee!?
Sun- 7M (48:12) moderate/hard

Watched Germany v. Australia which was fun for about 56 minutes until the incredibly soft first time red for Cahill which has to be the writing on the wall for the Socceroos. With Kewell out, he was their hope to shake the onion bag. I must say though, even though the Aussies were not the greatest defensive team, the dynamic movement from Podolski, Klose, and Ozil (never seen him play before) was scary. I really hope USA manages to come out on top of the group somehow because if we draw the Germans we will be in big trouble if we don't organize at the back no matter what Howard can pull off. I'm amazed that the score wasn't 5 or 6 nil as it should have been. Ballack's absence was only noticeable by the style of play, Ozil plays much more fluid and free and far less physical and imposing, but if he can continue to create chances he may prove to be the young player of the tournament because he was really impressive today.

I'm not running tomorrow, so I'll watch the replay of the Dutch game, I love their style. Saw some really creative street play while I was there in '07 and I've been enamored with the relentless attacking since. What a great time of year, WC/Western States/The Finals/Warm weather :) Anybody know any good footy bars in Seattle? Gunner and I are looking for the best place to grab a Guinness and watch the US play...


Nick said...

Dude - you've been listening to Tommy Smith too much. "Shake the onion bag" indeed!

That red on Cahill was a travesty. I hate to say it, but the Germans looked very dangerous. If six points each at the top in Gp.C, it comes down to goals in avoiding the Germans.

Another soft goal in the Alg - Slo game. Is it time to start bitching about the ball yet?

trudginalong said...

Haha! I love Tommy, he cracks me up every time!

I think it's time to bitch about the goalkeeping, that goal in the Alg - Slo game was almost as horrendous as Green's blunder. You cannot miss that, I don't care if that damn ball was on fire, just a clear miss, no crazy movement there.

No joke with Germany though, I'm petrified if we see 'em.

trudginalong said...

And it keeps coming, watched the Italy v Paraguay game and the keeper totally effed the win for Paraguay. Amazing.

Woody said...

Thanks for running with me on Saturday. Hope we can do it again sometime. Have a great trip and race this weekend.