Thursday, June 3, 2010

May in review

I'm feeling stronger, tired a bit, but stronger. I ran 296 miles in May which is far and away the largest month of my life. I had 5 days off and averaged 9.6 miles a day. So far with this year's race it has not shown it's effects, but physically I feel much better and my workouts have me feeling positive dispite not putting it together for a race.

I'm 2 weeks and 3 days from Sun Mountain and I'm planning on having fun and trying to find the running form that I've been able to capture in training. My plan is to taper into the run and show up with fresh legs. I'll keep this week and next week to somewhere in 50-55M range and include 2 solid trail runs during the week. Last night I ran 11 miles at Bergen Peak and was solid on the climb. I realize that my developement as a runner will take time, commitment, and hard work.

I have come a long way already since my injury (see below)

(Build up April 266.26M - March 201M - February 95M)


Part of what I hope to accomplish is a solid run at Sun Mountain, one that I can walk away and say, "I ran well." I have no idea where placing will be, I'm sure there are plenty faster folks in that area and I'm not going to build any sort of false hope.

I'm actually super excited about what I have for the summer (relatively little). With Barr Trail a race that I have no expectations for except to smoke some ass on the way back down, and the G-Town to Idaho Springs Half (again no expectations, well maybe 1:30-1:35ish) my biggest responsibility will be pacing Leila in August at the LT100.

The latter part of July and through August I'll start to consider a build up in milage to prepare for Steamboat, but I'll hopefully be able to do a bunch of adventure/exploration long runs that I've been dreaming up (more on that in a later post). I'm ready for some fun running, some smelling the forest, and some good time hiking with Xavier and Rachel.

I'm still sniffing out my options for 100 miles next year... We'll see.

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