Monday, May 10, 2010

2 Week Recap

I've managed to not post for 2 weeks, so I'll give you the nitty gritty details.

I averaged 70 miles the last 2 weeks by posting a 50 and a 90 mile week. Really it was like two 70 mile weeks but my long run last weekend was potponed due to some sickness until last Monday.

I've felt solid during training, the hamburger quad feeling has been dissapating until later in my long runs, and my climbing has been coming along a bit better. I still suck at big hills, but I've worked to get better and I can notice that.

Some really constructive reading I've been doing is following Nick and Scott's blogs. The past year and a half that I've been training for ultras have allowed me to take some big strides, and deal with some setbacks as well. I'm never nearly as good as I think I am, but I'm finally learning how to do the work.

I'm tired no doubt, but I've put the finishing touches on the best 6 weeks of training I've ever had. The past 7 days were a mileage PR of 90 miles. I'm teaching myself to incorporate true "recovery runs" and to run on tired legs. My long run this past Saturday was a revelation of a few things. Friday night I ran a moderately quick 14.5 miles on pavement at 7:49 pace. On Saturday's run, I wanted to get a feel for race enviornment, set up an aid station, get some elevation and go.

Starting in the C-470 lot between Matthews/Winters and Green Mt I hit Zorro trail hard and pushed it up all the climbs (ran all the way to the top on the other side as well instead of skirting around on Red Rocks trail) and when descending the middle of the Hogback towards Zorro again, I fell hard. My hip and hand are really nasty looking right now, but I picked myself up gave a few thoughts of turning in and trying again later, then I flipped the switch.

As ultrarunners, we need to be tough. Dumb tough, like a bull rider. This was that time; common sense said, let's try again. However, when ultraracing, there are no second changes and being afraid won't get you across the line. So I charged on with a pep talk to myself using some phrases I hope to never hear out of my son :)

I continued through my makeshift aid-station on the trunk of my car, using my planned method of attack for racing this summer (salt stick, GU gel, water). I was beat but my legs felt OK considering the distance and climbing. I stayed on my feet the rest of the run and ran "smart" to contradict some earlier statements. Being dumb tough ain't enough to get you a finish time that you want. Running smart (fueling/conserving) along with being tough enough to ignore "minor" hiccups like falling hard or having hamburger quads will produce the best efforts.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to run a smart race at Sageburner, push through the pain I know will be there from mile 20 on, and achieve my goals. I'm going to continue to get my runs in the next few weeks, not doing any kind of real taper for the race except limit my weekend long runs to 20 miles, and have fun. I'm gonna take some time to just enjoy myself out there.

Run along now... I'll get some nice pics up of my hip/hand soon :)


Nick said...

Patrick - solid stuff. I finally learned too this week that (serious) recovery days (whether a day off, or very easy paced jogs) are as key to the process as anything else. I'm excited to see what you can pull off for Sageburner - a big PR is looking close to certain.

Zorro trail? Really?

trudginalong said...

Right Nick? How swave do you have to be to eat it on Zorro trail?

I'm excited for SB, I think I should be a solid 4:45, but that said I'm gonna hang it out a bit and see if I can't get under 4:40.

Keith B. Ives said...

I have always supported hanging it out a bit... ...Nice work PJ. A few more posts like this & you may just convince me to put on my running shoes again... ...doubtful though:)

Your Royal Steiness said...

I prefer the recovery days over anything else. I've been in recovery mode for a few years now. Its nice.

trudginalong said...

Keith, nice :) Glad to see you haven't lost a step in Africa.

Sis! Come on! Charlie likes to run, he told me!