Monday, May 17, 2010

Part 1

This will be my weekly recap, and a bit of history on my training goals.

Week in full was mild (50 miles total, minimal elevation with some faster work mixed in):

I've been focusing on 14 day training cycles, trying to look at 2 week blocks and use days more productively (ie: quality hard days/quality rest days)

Excluding this week the last 8 weeks have been solid, broken down in to my 2 week blocks they are: 140 (70mpw avg), 129 (64.5mpw avg), 120 (60mpw avg), and 100 (50mpw avg). Before that I was still basically testing out the knee post injury.

So, this week I'll have somewhere between 80-90 miles depending on how the body feels (bringing my 2 week total to somewhere around 130-140). A good peak as I head into Sageburner week the next week.

Tonight I'm going to celebrate my son's 2nd birthday by running 10 miles for every year of his birth! We had his party on Saturday so I took that day off and devoted it to playing with the little man, drinking beer, and eating bratwurst!

I love having family in town, so it was a treat to have both sets of Grandparents babysit as Rachel and I went on a date Saturday night to the movies for the first time in 18 months... Crazy! It was fun, saw Date Night and laughed pretty good.

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leila degrave said...

Happy Birthday to the little guy!!!