Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekly Miles 4/19 - 4/25

Let's start with things I learned this week.

1. The volume is coming. Slowly, surely, it's coming.

2. If I want to back up my chatter, it's time to turn this flat s*** up a volume.

Mon- Off, travel day back from SD

Tue- 8m easy in 1:02:49 for 7:51/m avg. Felt good to be back home, but the warm weather I left stayed in SD.

Wed- 10m in 1:15:24 for 7:32/m avg. Noticed effort, not in the lungs but a bit in some tired legs. Not sure why.

Thur- 10m in 1:17:32 for 7:46/m avg. Solid easy run. Felt good.

Fri- Crappy out 5m at lunch on the mill in 39:06 for 7:49/m avg. 5m on the mill after work, turned up the incline for 10% for a mile or so, more coming 41:48 8:22/m avg. +550'

Sat- True recovery run 8.32m in 1:13:15 for 8:48/m avg. Liked how slow the pace felt.

Sun- 16.18m in the AM figure 8 loop of Green Mtn and Matthews/Winters. Sloppy out with all the rain and finished the run going up the super tech hogback. That hurt a little. Total time was 2:36:37 and +3155' (9:41/m avg). This is the kind of efforts I'll need to turn in over longer periods soon. Planned on adding another chase of Green but had to get back home. Later hit the park for 5.5m in 45:47 for 8:18/m avg. Actually I had a hard time with the second run. Felt pretty good after the first run and wanted to keep at it, but when I went out again I kept getting side stitches, weird.

Total miles: 68m in 9:32:18.

Solid week, I think I'll hang out around 70-75 mpw for a while until I start to feel strong. I think I am starting to feel the build up, but I need to hang out and start adding intensity to my mid-week and long runs. Settle in and hit the hills, that's my plan.

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mike_hinterberg said...

Hi Patrick,

Found your Silver Rush 50 RR from last year. I was actually just googling "Harsha" from Team CRUD, when I found this line:
"Through this stretch I grouped up with Harsha from Team Crud, Jennifer, and one other runner (sorry, I forgot your name!)."

I remember running with y'all at this point! Mike, from Fort Collins (harder name to remember and even google than "Harsha" or one of the top women!). I chatted but mostly was in a relaxed, sleepy daze. I ended up pulling ahead a bit once I got warmed up, around the first aid station, but really enjoyed meeting you in the beginning -- it made those first miles go by quickly!

Anyway, good luck and have fun at Sageburner! I'm off to Collegiate Peaks this weekend -- not as prepared as I was for Silver Rush, but it's only April, I guess! I'm sure we'll cross paths again.