Thursday, April 22, 2010

Go With the Flow

A shifting in goals and otherwise just due to how the year is playing out for me.

Sageburner: All signed up and now enrolled in the 50K, I'll look to better my time by a minimum of 30 minutes (sub 4:45). This will be a good test and gague of fitness. I've been training a lot harder than last year and I expect my result to follow.

Sun Mountain 50M: I had originally planned to do the Big Horn 50K, but after getting shut out and taking a double look at my current fitness in regards to my run into 50 miles both times last year, I'm already ahead. My goal here is to get a feel for how hard/long I can push it at Steamboat. I have gone through some pretty ambitious goals in my head and seeing as it's a fairly fast course. I'm gonna try to run at this thing as hard as I can. One of two things should happen. 1: I'll hit my goal and crush my 50M PR by almost 2 hours. 2: I'll go out super hard and blow up in a blaze of glory.

Sounds like fun huh? I really actually like where my head is taking me (and my training) and want to try to push the envelope. I honestly think I can go under 7:45 in Washington if I stick to my current plans for training. But I could blow up and run 10+, and that's ok with me. You never know til you know. Either way, I'll know a bit more about what I might be able to to in Steamboat.

Oh, and I talked my way out of running in the CCS 5K. Better for me to focus on my strengths and goals and get a solid 22-25m long run in on trails.


Woody Anderson said...

Sweet goals! I just signed up for Steamboat last week, so I'll look forward to witnessing your thrashing of the course!

trudginalong said...

That's awesome Woody! How are those legs feeling? Congrats on a great run in Beantown (3:17 is good stuff)!

Steamboat will be super fun no matter what the result, love that place. Those goals for Sun Mtn are pretty crazily optimistic but we'll see!

Woody Anderson said...

Thanks! The run in Boston should have been better, but I made the stupid mistake of walking around the city too much the three days prior. I never got into a groove and by mile 16 I knew my shot at a 3:05 was done. As you said, "You never know til you know!" The overall Boston experience was incredible and far outweighed not running my best time.