Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weekly Miles 4/12-4/18

Had a nice Vacation at my friend's (Megan) wedding in San Diego. Managed to get out for one run with Jake D on South Fortuna Mtn (next trip, I'm hitting laps on Cowles hard). Missed some days of running which I expected but got some great family time with my son, the great grandparents, grandparents, aunt/uncle, and my sister and brother in law. Took the little man to see the Dinosaurs at the Natrual History Museum, priceless stuff. Week in full:

Mon- Easy 8m @WP x2 1:05:55 (8:14/m avg)

Tue- Disjointed 9m@ WPx2 and track 1:13:55 (8:13/m) super windy, ran with fam for a bit. Did knock out a 5:52m on the track on the way over...

Wed- AM 4m 32:40 (8:10/m) to work via light rail
PM 13m 1:40:48 (7:45/m) hot hot hot

Thu- AM 4m 30:36 (7:39/m) to work via light rail
PM 13m 1:36:25 (7:25/m) warm, not as hot, pushed it good on the rollers, cramping at home afterward. Needed more salt, noted for WA.

Fri- OFF Travel

Sat- OFF Family time

Sun- 10m: 4.5m warm near the GP's casa in La Mesa, 5.5m to South Fortuna Mtn 1:29:14 total time, warm up was actually pretty fast, slower on the trail. Good short climbs were fun though, awesome views of the city. Nice close place to run when visiting the GP's.

Total Miles: 61m in 8:09:33. For having 2 off days this was a good week. Focus now is on the quality long run in preperation for the year's first ultra Sageburner... Can't wait!

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