Thursday, January 28, 2010

MRI set for Saturday ***SOMETIME NEXT WEEK***

Hoping for good news, I'll probably have to wait until Monday or so to chat about the results with my Doc. 10am Saturday is the time.


So, my lovely insurance company denied my pre-authorization and now my doctor has to set up a meeting to explain to the dumbf**ks at Cigna that, believe it or not, swelling and pain at the knee joint for 4 months is in fact signs that something may be wrong. I swear that if I wasn't at work when I called to berate Cigna I might have passed out from not breathing... And you wonder why people hate insurance companies...


Nick said...

Fingers crossed for ya'.

trudginalong said...

Thanks Nick, I'm getting all kinds of antsy sitting at home! Big congrats on your two big wins! More to come I'm sure... like that one in squaw ;)