Monday, January 25, 2010

I hate needles

I do. Doc today put a small local anesthetic to quell some swelling under the IT band that won't go away (if you wonder why my low posting? I haven't run in a month). Also, I'll be getting an MRI the end of this week to look for tears in my meniscus (sp?). This whole process has been really frustrating but at least after the MRI I should know exactly what the hell is going on in my knee and what I can do to fix it.

So, short run down. Lingering ITBS and possible Meniscus tear. I'll update when I find out, and start re-evaluating my summer plans...

For now I'll live vicariously through other Colorado runners who are kicking ass. Good job CO, way to get it done.


Woody Anderson said...

Ouch..A needle in the knee! Ugh. Let's hope the MRI is negative and you can keep your summer plans! Hang in there.

trudginalong said...

Thanks Woody, I'm hoping for the best. Have fun building up those miles!