Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Stats

Spent my long days this fall and late summer on the bike, in fact, I didn't run longer than 10 miles between pacing Donnie at Leadville and the impromptu 28 miler down in Roxborough with Woody, Scott, and Patrick.  If I'd have run those days, I'd be close to about 3K for the year, and considering a couple of long breaks from training, that's a pretty solid daily number (9.8 miles per run, close to 14 miles per running day).

The obvious trend is towards vertical, as I racked up more than 100K more than 2012, including time on the bike.  I ride the same routes as I run and if I stay on Green Mountain, I'm about the same speed as a run due to my shitty bike skills.  However, I'm gonna keep some bike time through the summer, particularly on days after long runs.  Also, contrary to popular belief, biking is actually fun.



brownie said...


Patrick Garcia said...

I'm just elite, not rich! $800+ for a bike race and I'm doing Breck Epic, not Pbman.

brownie said...

Rumor has it you can get at least $800 for a kid on the black market.

Patrick Garcia said...

$1600? Now I can sign up for Trans Rockies!