Friday, June 8, 2012

Bierstadt, Sawtooth, & Evans

Managed to bail from work early and wanted to get high again.  I'd never grabbed Mt. Evans and didn't want to get it cheaply so I decided to do the Sawtooth ridge.  Mt. Bierstadt was my first 14er, so it holds some special place in my mind.  As per usual (and more now with the new road) it was a packed lot on a Friday at mid day.  Went easy and took lots of photos. I didn't spend much time on either summit as they were jam packed, but took my time along the ridges when I was alone.  Incredible weather, 74*F at the TH near 11,500' and well over 60*F on the summits.  The willows are horrendous right now, I'd avoid them if you choose to go.
False Evans, Sawtooth, Bierstadt

West from below the saddle

South from below the saddle

Sawtooth from Bierstadt summit

Proof Mt. B

Partway down to the Sawtooth, stayed low to avoid a big snowfield

Down you go

Back at Bierstadt 


Sawtooth, rated class 3, but that's a stretch

Stay left

My friend and guide

Northeast from Evans 

Evans north ridge, stayed high to avoid people and get some extra scrambling in

Proof Mt. E, it was a zoo as you can see

Looking back up the drainage on the way home

Sawtooth and Mt. B from the drainage

Not the best running conditions

Route crosses the creek above the ponds and into the dreaded willows


The dreaded willows.  Highly advise not using this route right now, this was only the start, gets nut deep

Great look from the drive down


GZ said...

Thanks for the beta ... Mount B is one I have yet to tag and so I am thinking about it. Will avoid those willows.

Patrick Garcia said...

GZ, it's pretty simple. An easy hike. If you stay on the standard trail, summit, and head back, it's maybe 2hrs hiking easy.

Brandon Fuller said...

Done that loop before. Sawtooth had me a little on the edge in places where you have to scramble. Those willows are just hell.