Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Silver Rush!

This July I'm headed back to the place where the drive to run somewhat absurd distances started for me, the Leadville Silver Rush 50. I'm super excited for this race because it will allow me to see some of the progress I've made since jumping into ultras 2 years ago. In 2009 I ran 9:12 and was really proud of myself, as I should have been in my first 50.

Looking back at my training going in, my biggest week was 61 miles. Now that is a taper week, but I have worked hard to gain the base mileage and fitness needed to push myself that far. I have a much better approach now than I did going into SR in 2009, and I hope that I can take a huge chunk of time off that figure. I'm excited to tackle the race where it all began, which ends up in a perfect place for my Pb build. We grow and learn from race to race, so lets hope I've learned enough to run well at altitude.


solarweasel said...

hey man -- can't wait to go hit some high-country! this weekend's weather was a good reality shock though: it's still just winter in colorado -- but i can't help from getting psyched

good luck at SR50 -- i'll try to be there as a spectator/volunteer/crew/whatever :)

Mallory said...

That's awesome!! I'm sure you'll do even better this time. I'm sure with a stronger base it will be a bit speedier for you... that and experience always helps!

Jaime said...

Damn, really curious to see what time you put up this year. I'm sure you'll be cruising that course.

PatrickGarcia said...

Thanks all, Brendan, you're more than welcome to come out, fam/friends and I are planning to picnic by the lake post race so feel free to join.