Thursday, April 14, 2011

Over/Under CC50K

I've never been down to the Cheyenne Canyon trail system so I can't be entirely sure of what awaits me at the CC50K next weekend (4/23), but from all accounts there will be 4 climbs (2 per loop) that are shallow but long and 4 descents. The trail is supposedly not technical, but there are alledgedly not many straight sections and it's twisty turny and compacted to a relatively small area.

This is realtive to Way Too Cool, but the course is different and of course it's a few thousand feet higher than Cool. Here is the course map and profile. The race should be really interesting, but we're not all sure who will be there. A lot of the real big guns have confirmed they won't be there, but USATF 50 mile trail champ Jason Schlarb as well as Brendan Trimboli will be. Hopefully it's not just the three of us standing on the start line of the elite race, that'd just be weird.

***Just got confirmation that Dan Vega will be there and he's got wheels!***
***Now confirmation that Marco Peinado will be there too!***
***2:27 Marathoner Levi Severson is making his Ultra debut***

So, without further aideu, the over/under for CC50K is my finishing time from WTC: 4:08:41. Rules are the same and simple, if you think I'll be slower, guess over. If you think I'll be faster, guess under. If you're right, I owe you a beer. If I'm right, you owe me a beer. Unlike JT, I'll actually pay up if I lose!


Trailrat said...

Alright I will bite. I'm going with over.

Jim P. said...

Over. You pay up? Really? Note the right side of your blog. How long has that been up?

Yer Pal,

The Thirsty One

Jaime said...

Jim, it's been up a while. Starting to get thirsty thinking about it.

So I'll go with "over". Not cause I think your slow, but because of the course profile and elevation.

Woody said...

So about the course mile 9 do they have you climbing a 200' ladder? Or the face of a cliff?

I'm going to say "over". Only because with four people saying over, I want to light a fire under your butt to prove us all wrong.

PatrickGarcia said...

Guess I have strap on the rockets for free beer!

Jim- If I don't have to get up before 5am to see you next time I'll remember it.

Jaime- I'm gonna leave on on your doorstep!

Gangels said...

Sorry PG, but I'm also going with over. CC is just too twisty and curvy to compared to WTC. If I win this will make me 3/3!

solarweasel said...

Looking forward to the run :)

Hey, on a side note, I'm in need of some discount Gu... any chance for a hookup? :)

Joe said...

under....good luck!