Thursday, January 27, 2011

Knee = Good / Invitation

So far this week the knee (right IT band) has held in check and I haven't noticed it at all which bodes well given that next week I begin a short build of mileage in front of Way Too Cool. I've got a bit to say on some thoughts I've had on some recent runs, but I'll save that for a post this weekend probably. Most of my mid-week stuff has been solid, easy but not too easy, sort of right where I want it to be for the building period. I hit some weight last night, and I tweaked my right hammy a bit (was tight initially, and I didn't warm it up well) so it was not so intense, but these will build throught he summer.

Oh, and if you want to join TG, BF, JY, WA, JP, and I on a cruise of Mt. Falcon we're running it at 7am this Saturday. See ya there.

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