Monday, July 6, 2009


I've been pretty busy as of late and haven't gotten around to writing an entry. Since the middle of June I've put in some good training runs. The week of June 22-28 found me with 3 hard days back to back to back starting on Tuesday. I did 13, 13, and 19 (the latter of which was intended to be 25). During the 3rd day I got lost on the side of Red Rocks park and ended up way off the trail I was attempting to find. I felt totally defeated and my body felt pretty beat up as well. So, taking the advice of a friend I decided it was better to take some rest days and try to put in a good week after recovering, after all it's best to show up to a race a little under trained than a little hurt.

This past week was a queen week for me, 3 weeks out from Silver Rush and a bit of nerves are starting to act up! Monday I ran home from work and Tuesday I ran in, both runs being sluggish in nature and I was questioning myself quite a bit. Thursday's run at Horsetooth Mountain Park in Ft. Collins probably would have been better if I didn't eat 8 strips of bacon right before I left. I almost puked 2 or 3 separate times on my way up to the Rock, but felt good for the last couple miles. The highlight of the last 2 weeks was my long run Saturday morning with my new friend Leila who I met though runner's world online and we ran 23 miles on the Colorado trail from 285 to Georgia Pass and back. Along the way we crossed fields of indian paintbrush, lupin, and some yellow flowers that were blooming. The final push brought us to the summit of Georgia pass that had amazing views of Breckenridge below and A-Basin. It was really nice to have some company for a long run for once and we held a good pace throughout.

Ultimately, I'm feeling nervous but confident about Silver Rush and I'm sure that I'll be having some trouble handling my own thoughts as the race comes nearer. Luckily, I've got my family coming into town this weekend and that should help curb the antsy feelings... 19 days left until my first 50 miler...

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