Sunday, July 19, 2009


This past week has been tough on me mentally. I've been a bit grumpy and moody in the middle of my taper. I would like to attribute that to not getting a trail run in the week prior. I HATE not getting into the mountains, it's one of the things I look forward to most. Add on the fact that my family was in town from Friday through Monday, we were crazy busy. This week has been a bit of a wind down week as we all recover from the socializing. On a whim I decided to enter into the Evergreen Park and Rec 10 mile race at Alderfer/3 Sisters park. This place is one of my favorite places to run and my main goals were to stay fit (not get hurt) and put in a decent effort that didn't over tax my legs. I think that I have succeeded in that. I ran a 1:31:33 which for me is a pretty good pace, though I did have some stomach cramping issues after only about 4 miles which was somewhat scary, but I walked it out and did some stretches to alleviate the problem. I think it was attributed to the stupidly fast pace I went out with, looking down after about 1 mile and I was on 5k race pace. Albeit it was mostly downhill, it was dumb nonetheless, so I really took the foot off the gas from miles 4-7 and just cruised back to the finish line. I'm glad that this happened though, because I think it will help me stay within myself next week in Leadville. Overall, I feel confident and nervous about the upcoming race, mostly excited to see how things will pan out...

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