Sunday, May 17, 2009

PR week!

This was a fun week. It all culminated today with Xavier's 1st birthday, which he slept through the first 45 minutes of! We had fun, it was all just family and a few close friends. However, the day started with Rachel, Robert (my father in law, Dr. Bob), and I going out to Golden to run a 5K. Both my wife and my father in law love running short distance road races and had planned on doing this for a while. A few weeks back I thought I'd join in the fun and make it a whole family affair. It's a small local school benefit race so the competition wasn't very deep and I took 7th place overall. I didn't want to run really that hard, but I did sort of want to make sure I beat my father in law who was coming up from sealevel. In the end I ran a 19:59 (a personal PR) and Rachel ran a 24:35 (a personal PR). Robert ended up finishing between us at 22:28 (far from a PR for him as he is a big time runner and has been for a long time now).

For the week total that left me at 50 miles:

M: 5 Miles easy on the Highline trail with 1/2 mile pickups to finish
T: AM: 13 Miles to work PM: 5 Miles around Washington Park
W: Rest
T: 17 Miles at Deer Creek Canyon, 2x Red Mesa and Eagle Point
F: Rest
S: 5 Miles around Washington Park easy
S: 5 Miles including my 5K PR of 19:59

I had a great time during my long run on Thursday. I wanted to push the pace and see how my race effort would feel like, how my legs would respond by pushing on tough terrain. The run turned out fantastic as I managed to hold down 9:33 miles with 4790' of elevation gain. I'm excited and hoping to run really well this coming Saturday. I'm planning on not tapering really for this race and just do some normal days before the race.

If you want to see race results for today's 5K (to check to see if I'm lying!) you can go here:
Rachel was 36th overall!

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