Thursday, March 7, 2013


I had mentioned that I'd been keeping an eye on Quad Rock, well now that eye is set and done.  I'm in, I'm committed.

Should be interesting, and there will be some solid comp too, so just having a good day is the goal.  Climb, descend, repeat.  Three weeks post big ditch puts it at the perfect time.

I recently reread this piece, which has sort of been my unofficial motto for a few years now.  So my plan? Race hard, see what happens.

Salida looks to be getting snow Friday night and Saturday, which should make things more fun, in my opinion.  Getting home seems to be the only issue.


brownie said...

All the roads will be closed on Saturday, so you'll be staying in Salida for the pub crawl. We have room in our hostel room for you.

GZ said...

With the pending snow, the Salida race looks to be quite the tough mudder event.

Unknown said...

When are you getting into Salida?

Patrick Garcia said...

I'll be in Salida the morning of, sounds like I'll be heading in from Pb.

Anonymous said...

Cool, I happened to be there this evening to pick up my new bike- checked out the first couple trails of your run [Frontside, Lil Rattler]. Looking real good when I was on them... but it was raining as I left town. Should be an interesting morning for ya! Have a great run!