Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Recap

Been pretty quiet lately on the blog.  Mostly I've been busy with work and life, trying to get things in order and running when I can.  Rather than write a huge post in regards to the year, I'm posting some photos to help speed it along.

Final figures for 2012:

277 Runs
498 Hours
50 Minutes
19 Seconds
3156.39 Miles
341,907 Vertical Feet

Snowmass Lake from the 4 pass loop run.

Camping with friends.

This burned down.

My best friend got married.

We bought our first house. I can now run trails from my front door.

Ran my first track race.

Kicked JT's ass.

Won my first 50M race.

Awesome photo from said race. Photo: Jason Halladay

Hung out high on some big peaks.

Oliver was small to start.

We hung out.

He got bigger.

And then he got stuck.

Ran some other races. DNF'd a bunch.

Found the limits of the Subi.

Finally don't have to worry about losing that damn ring.

Xavier went to his first soccer game.

Xavier grew up, dropped his first curse word at school, and beat his mom bowling.
An unfortunate sickness mellowed my plan for any fun on my birthday, but the year was a great one by any measure.  I'm looking forward to lots of fun in 2013.  Haven't really nailed down any running plans after March, but I've got a month to get ready for Orcas Island, and then another few weeks to prep for Salida.  After that, it's anybody's guess where I'll be, but hopefully I can pull off the Grand Canyon trip with Donnie, and either Bighorn or Cascade Crest.  My resolution is to get up Green Mountain (here in Lakewood) 100 times.  Started out with one slow ascent today.  See ya on the trails this year, bitches!


brownie said...

I did beat you in the official state championship race.

Donnie said...

Good to have you and the family close to us in the hood. I look forward to learning and running with you in 2013.


Lucas said...

Not a bad year in the end. I'll hopefully be joining you in Salida!

Patrick Garcia said...

JT- Unfortunately, you lost to me a mere 10 minutes later, post beer, which you should be ashamed of.

Donnie- Hells yeah.

Lucas- See you in Salida!

Recipe of the Month! said...

you mean i LET xavier win at bowling! And you forgot to mention that your wife kicked your ass in her first 50K....just sayin

Sylvia Dellaripa said...

GO Rachel!!!

Jaime said...

Great year and glad I got to share a few of them miles with you. Here's to 2013 being even better!