Monday, October 15, 2012

Boulder 50K

So, attempting to fake your way to a fast 50K is a good way to get out the door for a nice walk, as it turns out.  I had some thoughts that I'd be able to run under 3:50 for the flat/fast Boulder 50K on no training or specific fitness, because, you know, it seemed like a good idea.  Again, I was duped into thinking I might be able to snag a W given that the race would be tiny (there ended up being 12 finishers of 14 starters).  Of course, I showed up and saw Bill Fanselow warming up, so that was easy to let go.

I took it out with Bill, or rather, Bill let me lead it out for a few miles before dropping my ass like a bag of hot rocks.  Then, I simply fell into my pace and tried to think about anything besides running 5 out and back "loops".  The laps 1-3 (the fifth lap is a short 2ish miler mini lap) went as planned, with me running a pretty smack dab on pace, rolling through in 2:36 for 21 and change.  My legs simply stopped functioning after that,  and I enjoyed some nice walking with great views of the mountains and the cool fall breeze.  In the end, I finished in 4:15, 3rd of 12.  So, I achieved my real goal, finish the year not on a DNF.  Back to the shorter stuff for the rest of fall/winter.

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GZ said...

Sorry I missed ya. We finished up out there around 4AM and I had to get back to the ranch.