Monday, July 9, 2012

Independence Day Trail 10K

Didn't happen.  Jaime and I drove up early to get ready for the event, and when we got to the rego table we were told it was closed and you had to be pre-registered to run.  I guess next time I'll lie about where I live so I can register though the website...  So, Jamie and I took off and pre-ran the course (with some slight deviations), and had a great time.  Weather was nice and cool, a good change of pace from recent days.  Makes me want to live in Summit county more and more.  We saw a few other folks out on the course that weren't able to register, and then saw Helen Cospolich at the aid station.  Jaime and I finished up and headed to the finish to watch the leaders come in.  Unfortunately, I think I could have placed fairly well, but oh well.

At the finish area was Neal Gorman who I had met while training on Hope Pass last year.  Neal was there watching his wife (7 months pregnant and still kicking ass) run the race.  So, we chatted a bit on Western and Steamboat.  I couldn't think of all the names running it, so I went back to look at the list and while the list isn't staggeringly long, it is staggeringly stacked.  I'm only wondering how many more will show up with the purse now at $40K. Even without it, the list is big: Roes, Schlarb, Mackey, Parr, Meltzer, Wolfe, Downie, Callahan, Bowman, etc...  Those and others along with the women who are likely to beat me.  I expect to see some fast times (I presume the course to be in the same time range as Wasatch if a bit faster without experience on either, solid climbing and altitude to shake things up) with 10 G's on the line for the winner.

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