Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blast from the past

Me at the top (Dad left). Top of a huge climb in Andorra. Sure wish I could go back and do it again.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thoughts and threads

First, thanks to Woody for a great group run this past Saturday. I had a nice 15 and then promptly enjoyed a crash and burn, legs feel pretty good though despite it all. 'Tis the time to shape up.

Trying not to get my hopes up for Hardrock, but I think I'm ready should my name be called. If I'm later on the wait list I'll simply pull out and try again next year. I don't want to wait and see with this race, it will require far too specific training and alter the rest of my spring/early summer to chance it. If I don't get in, it likely means a trip to South Dakota or Wyoming for some fun in redneck land.

Word on the street is that the folks from Steamboat's finest run are considering putting on a 100 mile race. I'm all for more races in Colorado, makes it easier to stay home. A 100 in Steamboat would be epic, and the weather patterns would mean you'd have to be ready for anything. This year's race was freezing/sleet/nastiness and last year's was the opposite, hot as hell. Throw in the Altitude and seemingly boundless singletrack and I can't think of a much better area for a run. It'd be Leadville 2.0.

On the subject of Leadville, my (awesome) finisher's jacket has the saying "America's Highest 100 miler." Is that something that they've taken from the bike? I mean, Hardrock is much higher and certainly the folks at Leadville know of it. Perhaps its just marketing, but I was confused. In any case, I'll be interested to see who lines up for Leadville this coming year, and if the string of good weather days continues. I think we're due for a "snow year".

Lots of folks on the interwebs chatting about the States lottery (almost 1800). I get a bit confused with folks who get pissed that the race is making money. Look, I get it. It's far too expensive for me, but it seems that this is a simple case of supply and demand. If it was truly too expensive, people would stop paying for it. Hype is usually what people say is a turnoff, but I bet all of those people follow along online when the race starts. I'd have to guess that 90% of ultra races could be considered low key or small time, so I don't see what the big deal is with having 5 "big time" races or whatever the number is. It's such a small representation of the sport.

Speaking of races, getting stoked about the 50 in the Fort. Would be great prep for Hardrock, shit, let's talk about something else. 12/10 will should make for a nice walk in the hills up there in the Fort. I think getting back in shape should always involve some sort of intentionally induced suffering. Makes you appreciate fitness.

Mentioned to a few folks that the wife and I are considering taking some time in Virginia for our 5 year anniversary. Anyone with knowledge of a good B&B or cozy cabin in the area, please drop me a note. Proximity to Fincastle, VA or Big Hellgate Creek would be appreciated :)

Donnie is off to my favorite race, good luck to him. Gotta have legs and an empty mind by Bobblets Gap because it's 10 miles and not 5 to Day Creek.

Getting off of my soapbox now...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Good news

It looks like JT (who registered as "Geoffrey Mutai") got a DNF at the Canya Canyon 6K.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Rut Buster

Going down to run the Canya Canyon 6K on Sunday. Mr. Bigtime is apparently in good shape these days and I am not. Hopefully it's icy and snowy so I can keep my 100% record, otherwise I'll have to eat some crow I'm sure.

Anyways, my daily running has picked up again, that's back to daily running and not a whole lot more. That sickness really took a lot out of me, and last weekend Gunner and I went to Falcon and I had to cut the run way short due to lingering fatigue. This week has been better, getting a bit of turnover in on the snow, though I'm clearly not on top form. That said, I'm still in pretty good shape. The starting point for 2012 is far better than the starting point for 2011 so I'm confident that I'll continue to progress.

The BS Report with Carolla was great. Bill Simmons argues that Rocky started the running craze. Also, they make fun of shorter distance running and endurance athletes in general. Though many of their shots would include me, I laughed my face off. Starts 15:45 into the pod if you don't want to listen to the whole thing. Love how they talk about running 11 miles a day is "crazy".

As for 2012, I'm still in research mode. Looking for stuff to sign up for in case Hardrock doesn't happen (List hasn't been updated since last month, but it was already at 274). Big Horn/Black Hills are the big frontrunners. Both courses offer something different, I'd have support for either, and I'll likely be at one or the other even if Hardrock happens as support for Gunner's first 100. I have a hankering to get out and run in Pine before December, I'll post the invite here if I can get a chunk of time clear.