Monday, November 21, 2011

Thoughts and threads

First, thanks to Woody for a great group run this past Saturday. I had a nice 15 and then promptly enjoyed a crash and burn, legs feel pretty good though despite it all. 'Tis the time to shape up.

Trying not to get my hopes up for Hardrock, but I think I'm ready should my name be called. If I'm later on the wait list I'll simply pull out and try again next year. I don't want to wait and see with this race, it will require far too specific training and alter the rest of my spring/early summer to chance it. If I don't get in, it likely means a trip to South Dakota or Wyoming for some fun in redneck land.

Word on the street is that the folks from Steamboat's finest run are considering putting on a 100 mile race. I'm all for more races in Colorado, makes it easier to stay home. A 100 in Steamboat would be epic, and the weather patterns would mean you'd have to be ready for anything. This year's race was freezing/sleet/nastiness and last year's was the opposite, hot as hell. Throw in the Altitude and seemingly boundless singletrack and I can't think of a much better area for a run. It'd be Leadville 2.0.

On the subject of Leadville, my (awesome) finisher's jacket has the saying "America's Highest 100 miler." Is that something that they've taken from the bike? I mean, Hardrock is much higher and certainly the folks at Leadville know of it. Perhaps its just marketing, but I was confused. In any case, I'll be interested to see who lines up for Leadville this coming year, and if the string of good weather days continues. I think we're due for a "snow year".

Lots of folks on the interwebs chatting about the States lottery (almost 1800). I get a bit confused with folks who get pissed that the race is making money. Look, I get it. It's far too expensive for me, but it seems that this is a simple case of supply and demand. If it was truly too expensive, people would stop paying for it. Hype is usually what people say is a turnoff, but I bet all of those people follow along online when the race starts. I'd have to guess that 90% of ultra races could be considered low key or small time, so I don't see what the big deal is with having 5 "big time" races or whatever the number is. It's such a small representation of the sport.

Speaking of races, getting stoked about the 50 in the Fort. Would be great prep for Hardrock, shit, let's talk about something else. 12/10 will should make for a nice walk in the hills up there in the Fort. I think getting back in shape should always involve some sort of intentionally induced suffering. Makes you appreciate fitness.

Mentioned to a few folks that the wife and I are considering taking some time in Virginia for our 5 year anniversary. Anyone with knowledge of a good B&B or cozy cabin in the area, please drop me a note. Proximity to Fincastle, VA or Big Hellgate Creek would be appreciated :)

Donnie is off to my favorite race, good luck to him. Gotta have legs and an empty mind by Bobblets Gap because it's 10 miles and not 5 to Day Creek.

Getting off of my soapbox now...


brownie said...

I think Leadville says that because the start/finish is the highest for any 100 miler.

PatrickGarcia said...

Good call.

GZ said...

I bitch about races as much as anyone. But I recognize they ain't gonna change as long as folks line up to shell out the entry fee.

solarweasel said...

woo ten more days til we know our fate

Woody said...

$196 for the NYC Marathon?? Really? Not sure where the tipping point is, but until the #'s decline, they'll keep jacking up the prices. It makes the FA races look even better.

Got my Pb jacket today. It has my name on it, but no time!

Steamboat 100? Where & when can I register!

Great seeing you, Rachel and the boys on Saturday.