Monday, October 24, 2011


Took my first real big health hit of the fall this past weekend. I'd been bitching to my wife about my back/joints Thursday and Friday, then come the weekend I just felt like general crap. Got the clear to run Sunday morning, but really needed to sleep and rest which is what I did. I still don't feel right, but better than yesterday so that's a step. Hoping I get healthy enough over the week to get a basic run in the Boulder Mountains this Saturday.

Some random thoughts.

Most of the Fall/Winter race calendar sucks around here, minus the FA events of course. The winter distance races in the Denver area are less than appealing and quite expensive in my view for what you get back. Really looking forward to kicking JT's ass at the hill climb in a few weeks, though aparently he's top dog now. Won't do him any good getting an elite entry to CM50K though cuz it's just a marathon.

Also, really looking forward to the Twin Mountain Trudge in Laramie this coming year. I love me some snow running, can't wait for it really. I don't like the in between times with all the ice, but when it's just fluffy awesome snow, it's pretty damn good.

Carved pumpkins with Xavier on Saturday, and the damn squirrels already got to them. So our Jack-O-Lanterns look more akin to toothless West Virginians...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beer Mile

Harvard Gulch Track. Sunday 10/16 @ 5:30. Rules.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Catching up

1-3 in the alumni game. Actually felt comfortable at the plate, drilled a single, stole second and third, scored. Made a couple errors at second (subbed in since none of our alumni players played second). I think if I still weighed 185-190 I'd still have the pop, timing was just a bit off (4 years not touching a bat will do that I guess).

In laws have been in town this week so I haven't gotten back into the groove of daily training, but I'm feeling more comfortable when I am out there. Snuck out to Mt. Falcon on Wednesday, felt a bit uncoordinated and slow, but settled in after a half hour or so.

"Raced" the Band on the run 2 miler out in Aurora today with my father in law. 12:30 in the snow on a slightly hilly course. Pretty fun actually, we couldn't find the start for the longest time (in a gated community that you couldn't drive into), but got there with 10 minutes to spare. I decided to bag a warm up and any real effort (wise decision). I didn't slack too badly, but with our first cold day and no warm up I could still feel the hammys twinging around mile 1. I was the default winner in the 19-29 AG, I was also the only one in the AG. For a race with an $18 registration they gave out some nice swag. I ended up with a $25 gift card to the Runner's Roost, but almost all of the other AG winners came away with a nice Saucony RR jacket. Then I ate 3 Cinnamon rolls, watched football, and drank Titan/Hop Trip IPA.

Back to work this coming week and I intend to get back on the horse. This applies to training and eating/drinking. I've enjoyed my beer and disregard for most forms of healthy eating, but I'm ready to start the long transition back to fitness. I might use some small 5K's or XC races to help with the speed work as I tend to get up and after it more with others there to push me. I'll also try to join Joe and Luke for some turnover work.

The 2012 race schedule has been up in the air a bit, but I'm gonna keep it under control until I find out about Hardrock. That would change everything, especially in regards to training.

Lastly, my Rockhopper is fully under construction, the entire front end is disassembled. Was happy to see the traditional 1 1/8" steerer rather than the 1". I may have socialized my way into a set of Mavic wheels this Friday. Pays to attend homebrewer parties.