Monday, October 24, 2011


Took my first real big health hit of the fall this past weekend. I'd been bitching to my wife about my back/joints Thursday and Friday, then come the weekend I just felt like general crap. Got the clear to run Sunday morning, but really needed to sleep and rest which is what I did. I still don't feel right, but better than yesterday so that's a step. Hoping I get healthy enough over the week to get a basic run in the Boulder Mountains this Saturday.

Some random thoughts.

Most of the Fall/Winter race calendar sucks around here, minus the FA events of course. The winter distance races in the Denver area are less than appealing and quite expensive in my view for what you get back. Really looking forward to kicking JT's ass at the hill climb in a few weeks, though aparently he's top dog now. Won't do him any good getting an elite entry to CM50K though cuz it's just a marathon.

Also, really looking forward to the Twin Mountain Trudge in Laramie this coming year. I love me some snow running, can't wait for it really. I don't like the in between times with all the ice, but when it's just fluffy awesome snow, it's pretty damn good.

Carved pumpkins with Xavier on Saturday, and the damn squirrels already got to them. So our Jack-O-Lanterns look more akin to toothless West Virginians...


Feets of Pedestrianism said...

I ran into some random dude at the Evergreen gas station talking the talk about a low key snowshoe series this winter. One in Ward, two in Pb. I did the Ward one last year. They're are silly, but fun and a good workout. I'll keep you posted.

GZ said...

You were out too late over the last weekend.

PatrickGarcia said...

Probably true GZ :) Let me know Ryan, that sounds fun, I can borrow some big ass snow shoes and come out. That sounds way better than running crappy out an backs on pavement.