Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Off to Hell

Flight in the morning, won't have internet of any kind so I'll text in a tweet to the side bar here ->

I've got enough layers to keep me sweatin' like a whore in church all night long :) Sorry Mom.

Stoked to find a bit of myself out in the mountains...


brownie said...

Good luck, and be sure to drink some Yuengling while you're out east!

Jaime said...

Hell Yeah! You're especially going to rock it if you're sporting that porn stache in your tweeter pic.

Joe said... safe/well....DAD

Woody said...

Heck ya!!!!!!!!! Amazing race man!

leila degrave said...

Holy freakin cow - nice race!!! You are a superstar Pg!

Joe said...

OH YEAH...I said under (but I didn't mean that under)..very, very impressive. Congrats and great job - and we'll rest at least somewhat easer next time. BIG congrats - looking forward to your account of the event....I ran my 3.3 miles today, DAD.

Jim P. said...

You owe me a crap-load of beer. Very f***ing well done, man!!!

Here's your top ten:

2010 Hellgate Finishers
December 11, 2010
Age Group Results

Place Name Time Gender
1 Jeremy Ramsey, 34 11:24:20 M
2 Chris Reed, 38, PA 11:48:50 M
3 Patrick Garcia, 25, CO 12:05:18 M
4 Jason Lantz, 29, PA 12:16:14 M
5 Ryan O'Dell, 25, NY 12:19:17 M
6 Keith Knipling, 34 12:22:25 M
7 Frank Gonzales, 34 12:27:46 M
8 Darryl Smith, 39 12:44:28 M
9 Karl Meltzer, 43, VT 12:47:38 M
10 Jordan Chang, 23 12:51:38 M

GZ said...


FastED said...

Hell yeah my Mexican brother! Congratu-effing-lations! The way you were training told me that you were gonna do something special there! Did Horton happen to say "Mexican't"? Guess you showed him.

brownie said...

I'll need to see the results of your drug test before buying you that beer...

Jaime said...

Dude, seriously! That is a rock star performance.

PatrickGarcia said...

Thanks guys!

JT- had the Yuengling Lager, excellente, best beer I had out there. Drug tests came back clean, I'm hoping to run PP50K in the same time it took me to finish Hellgate...

Scott- Soooooo many Mexican't comments I can't remember them all. Horty's always good for a heavy dose of trash talk too. Good times out there, thanks for the mental prep on Falcon, huge reason I ran so well.

Gonna try to sit down later with a beer and put some comments on the race itself.

Oh and Woody, that run we did from your house was WAY colder than Hellgate, and thank god, cuz that would have S U C K E D!

Aaron said...

Freakin' Awesome Patrick! Stoked for you to have your race come together, you deserve it with how much work you put in in your training. Must be a great feeling after the couple years of pain you suffered at Steamboat. Seriously cool.