Monday, December 14, 2009


Well, last Thursday I developed some sharp pain in my left knee. Pretty frustrating how this is unfolding but I'm taking some more time, about a week, to let that dissapate.

Otherwise the week was fun, capped by a nice little run at Flying J with ERC. It was good to see Leila, Jon, Mary, Roy and the others out in the surprisingly warm weather. Conditions on the trail were idyllic minus the frozen creek which reminded me why I never go ice-skating. I'm not sure what's better, half an inch of fine powder or half an inch of pine needles, either way, it was soft and beautiful.

My knee felt really sore initially, felt good, and slowly drew back the sharp pain near the end of the run. It really has been killing me not being able to get out for a long run or run hard without pain or worrying I might re-aggrivate the IT Band. I hope that after this is all over and I'm healthy I can look back and not take my running health for granted.

In about 10 days my parents will be out for Christmas and I'm holding out hope for snow. Merry Christmas World...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

No Dancing Here

Well, the 2010 Western States draw has come and gone and I'm on the outside looking in. All in all I feel OK, since I'm working even to get back to full health it's probably best in the long run (no pun intended). For now I'll reconsider the distance of February's race, I'm not sure I'll be ready to tackle an ultra that soon, but there are 17 and 35K options so I'll at least get a taste of the fun I hope. I think I'll toss out the idea of the Free State 100K as that would be soon as well, not to mention a 9 hour drive.

Here's what I feel for sure though. I think I'll for sure be out at Sageburner again, love that race. I do believe Jon and I will be headed out to Big Horn to run the 50M (Jon's first ultra) a race I'm really, really excited for. I've never had the chance to run a point to point race or a net downhill race. STOKED! Not to mention, Jon's family is in Sheridan and has a cabin just outside Dayton. I also plan on running one of the distances at North Fork, the closest race to home I'll get here in Denver. I'll be excited to get out and run some the course in spring months (Leila, you in?) Collegiate peaks would be fun, probably the 25M but I'm going to keep my options open and take my time getting back to full distance running.

The WS draw has made me consider tackling the LT 100 this year, but I want to be prepared so I'll see how my knee progresses. If I don't get in, I'll still be up there for sure pacing/crewing. For now, I'm going to consider some other late season 100's as well just in case I need a bit more time and feel good about how this is progressing. But right now it's time to shovel some snow...

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Mouth is Frozen...

Well, let's just say it's been a bit cold lately. My jaunt through the park last night was all of 13*. But there are some good things about the weather, here's my list:

*No yuppies! The only other people out are nuts just like me.
*Quiet, When the snow falls it really dampens the sound.
*Sights, man is it pretty with a light dusting of snow, really gets you ready for the Christmas season.
*Street Cred. All of your co-workers and anyone who sees you out knows that you are certainly tougher than they are...

Enjoy the weather!

On a side note my knee is feeling less tender, still slow short runs, but I'm just glad to be out right now...